Quiz Thingy Rough Draft Complete!10:22 pm (PST) Aug 15, 2019
I feel like the Quiz page is working great thus far! At this point it can be used similarly to studying with flashcards. Disclaimer though, don't open any document with this Quiz flashcard page that you are not familiar with. This page was created for learning purposes only and shouldn't be used for any other reason.

With that out of the way, here's another link to the Quiz Page:

Quiz Flashcard Page (Can load HTML from XML files) - Use xml files at own risk! Enabling use of HTML within XML files is intended only for allowing text formatting, but there is potential for folks to create malicious xml files for use with this Quiz page.
*WHEEZE* OwO What's this?!3:00 am (PST) Aug 14, 2019
I made a new thingy after so many years. Going to eventually use this as a form of flash card studying. The goal is to be able to use it on almost anything and to keep it client side. No files loaded with the Quiz Flashcard Page should be touching this site at all in any way. Looking forward to working on it some more!

Work In Progress Quiz Flashcard Page
Work In Progress Quiz Flashcard Set 1
Work In Progress Quiz Flashcard Set 2

For now this site remains as a sort of file server that I use to play with and share stuff I put together with friends.
Here's an update now that I've been working on hobbies again6:46 pm (PST) Mar 31, 2012
First off I'll address things I mentioned in my last post. I've completed some Halo Reach maps, however as of this posting the file share system is completely down now that Bungie has cut support. There may be a revival of the system via 343 Industries. I'm going to push focus on PC oriented topics since the console scene is much more volatile and best coupled with a capture card, which I don't have.

I did finish and release the Starcraft 2 map. I've named it (8)DS Zone Control and published it on sc2mapster.com and concentrated my efforts there. It got to page two on the most played maps on Starcraft 2 for two days, which is much better than I hoped on the day of release. Once I updated the lobby system for the map the popularity system stats were reset and unfortunately it couldn't gain the stats it had before with over a thousand bookmarks. Lots of testing was done on it and I've used the feedback I got to change and add quite a bit. I may come back to it and redesign it in the future as my skills and understanding have improved, but for now it's not going to change without more interest/feedback from the community.

I've been playing a bit of Final Fantasy XIV again and I can say it plays so much better than when it was in beta. There is such a vast improvement it's hard to think that the beta was the same in any form of gameplay.

Thanks to the documentation I'd written, my active status on the forum, and constant community assistance, I was given moderator status of a forum for a piece of software I have really enjoyed. I've stayed busy with the status and I'm really glad I could help out. Unfortunately it seems to be dieing out now that it's platform is obsolete. Here's hoping that there will still be a future for the software on a new platform.

After a lot of time I've been working hard on another Starcraft 2 map. I'd call it a quick and easy map to make, but I've spent a lot more time on it that I'd thought and have ran into a few hold ups. I'll explain more about the map at a later time, but for now I've been making some great progress.

Once I get closer to finalizing my latest Starcraft 2 map I'll be working on updating the sites background code a lot more. I'm planning to change the layout to something much more professional and maybe adding a forum or comment system. Once changes are underway I'll comment more about it.

Looking forward to the future.
Been working on Starcraft 2 and Halo: Reach maps5:39 am (GMT) Sep 27, 2010
I've had a lot to keep me busy this year. I'm now a father to my own little girl. I've been in the Halo: Reach, Starcraft 2, and Final Fantasy FFXIV betas this past 6 months. I've also changed jobs and started supporting some new bills.

I've got a Starcraft 2 map ready for release, but I'm waiting for the Blizzard custom map contest to end before I actually release it. I'd worked on it since the editor was released in the beta. It's a remake of my Starcraft 1 map, but with the features I wanted to add to the Warcraft 3 version I almost put out. The Warcraft 3 engine just had too many limits on the units and UI for me to feel like I could get anywhere far within them. I feel pretty proud to haved worked with the Starcraft 2 editor instead. As for now I've already started to work on another map. I hope it turns out as well as my previous effort.

Lastly I think I'll upload the original Starcraft 1 map again as it is. The map still has issues with stale-mates as units are produced faster than they are delt with, which is no longer a problem with how I've interestingly taken care of it in Starcraft 2. If someone can learn with what I've done in the old map then it'll still be good for something.
New UT3 map and PS3 Desolate Shrine updated8:59 pm (GMT) Jan 25, 2010
I've added a new map to the UT3 section, another remake from one of my Halo 3 maps.

The preview pictures in both DM-Catwalk and DM-Desolate Shrine should be working correctly both on PC and PS3. These preview pictures are not very high quality, but you'll see what you're selecting at least.
UT3 map DM-Desolate Shrine updated8:59 pm (GMT) Jan 25, 2010
The spawn points in the map were spawning players backwords. This is from a glitch in the editor after using a mirroring function. The map should now be fixed as I write this post.
StarCraft maps up9:38 pm (GMT) Jan 17, 2010
I've found one of my old old maps that I created on the internet yesterday. I took all day after I found it to update it. I'll work on the map more later, but for now it and the multiplayer versions I created are now up in the files section.
New UT3 Mutator1:04 pm (GMT) Dec 9, 2009
It was quite an experience creating something for a console. At least it feels different than creating content on the PC. I feel as if UT3, due it's ability to be modded, will be in my PS3 for many months. I just hope that people will find that with the lastest updates it's very easy to take something that works perfectly on the PC, and then port it to the PS3 version. Here's a sticky from the EPIC games forum. The bottom of the post has links on how to port to the PS3.
Converting the site to PHP10:13 pm (GMT) Jul 31, 2009
There might be some minor glitches with the website at the moment, but I'm working on them. For now the site is running on PHP now, YEY!
Poped in a quick update1:13 pm (GMT) Jul 29, 2009
I have made some minor changes to the style of the hobbies section of the site again. Also added a Galactic Civilizations 2 section to the hobbies as well with a map I'd created earlier last week. I made and added a link to a UT3 Forum post of my current map in the UT3 hobby page. The preview picture links in all hobby pages will now open a new page instead of opening in the existing one. Lastly I had fixed some minor spelling errors around the site.
Build less supply depots4:20 am (GMT) Jul 17, 2009
After much testing the two Zone Control maps are still full of stale mates. I've looked more into the problem and I believe that pushing Starcraft to it's unit limit may be the issue. Instead of balancing it's more about how many units are on screen. Currently there's eventually enough units to line from one edge of the map to any other, creating the stale mate as units are unable to reach the front lines. With fewer units, it's my hope that flanking will be back as the main reason for victory. Once I get to testing the maps with fewer units (Finding out how many is too few and too abundent.) I'll patch the maps currently hosted in the Starcraft section.
Starcraft Repopulated11:50 am (GMT) Jul 8, 2009
Patched both Zone Control maps. Added time to the Weblog for todays postings. Thinking about adding a change list in the hobbies section with future site update.
Starcraft Semi-depopulated, Patched Desolate Shine10:34 am (GMT) Jul 8, 2009
I've taken down the Zone Control maps due to some over balancing. Adding changes to the map to make a more smooth experience I hope while still keeping some balance. Patched Desolate Shrine, ironically an UT3 map and not Starcraft. Still working on Zone Control at the moment. Minor tweeks to the file pages of this site
Starcraft Populated3:12 am (GMT) Jul 8, 2009
Just added my old Starcraft maps in the hobbies section. I also made some minor changes to the organisation of the hobbies section.
Built my first UT3 map.Jul 2, 2009
I'm working on testing a Unreal Tournament 3 map I had just finished yesterday. While I say finished, it may not be the last version of the map. As my skills or resources increase, I may go back and update it if I see it needs one.

Also I've finally put up the hobbies page. While it's only a placeholder at the moment it's holding up the UT3 map I had just mentioned.

Another minor update to the site's overall look has been made as well. The Hobbies pages will be my target for the next update. Lastly the Hobbies are currently sorted by release date.
Time to optimise and populate.Feb 15, 2009
While still running compatibility tests at the moment, the site now views correctly in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. This site has also been redesigned slightly. I am more satisfied whith how it looks for the moment, however there will be a few more changes in the future. Lastly, I've added a web log to the home page. The home page is also currently the only page, hence it's time to populate this site.
Currently testing compatibility.Jan 28, 2009
Running Validation Tests and making sure this page views correctly in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.
First signs of growth.Nov 14, 2008
We are still preparing at the moment. We hope to have this page up and running eventually.